Thoracic Spine

This one-day course gives participants the practical skills needed to safely and effectively examine and treat articular dysfunction of the thoracic spine and rib cage. Case studies are used to develop reasoning in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. The evidence base supporting manual therapy in the treatment of upper back pain is outlined. The ratio of participants to tutors is kept low (maximum of 12:1) to ensure a high level of supervision and feedback.

Indicative Content

  • Clinical implications of thoracic pathoanatomy
  • Physical examination – combined movement and rib movement assessment
  • Manipulation (HVT) background & theory
  • Evidence base and clinical prediction rules
  • Mobilisation and manipulation of the thoracic spine
  • Mobilisation and manipulation of the rib cage
  • Mulligan approach to treatment of the thoracic spine and rib cage
  • Clinical reasoning of thoracic case scenarios

This course is aimed at physiotherapists of all levels who wish to develop their ability to effectively examine and treat patients with thoracic spine dysfunction.