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Spinal Manipulation (Grade V) - level 2

This one-day course provides the opportunity to extend skills learnt in our two-day course. You will learn additional techniques for the spine, plus techniques for the sacro-iliac and costovertebral joints. An update on manipulation principles and screening issues is discussed. Case studies are used to illustrate selection of techniques and develop your clinical reasoning. The latest evidence supporting manipulative techniques in the treatment of the spinal dysfunction is presented. The number of participants has been limited to 12 to ensure a high level of supervision.

Indicative Content

  • Review techniques taught in the two-day course
  • Manipulation principles and screening issues
  • Anatomy & biomechanics of sacroiliac and costovertebral joints
  • Additional lumbar spine techniques
  • Sacroiliac techniques
  • Costovertebral techniques
  • Additional cervical spine techniques
  • Case studies
This course is principally aimed at those who have completed our two-day Spinal Manipulation (grade V) course, but would also be of value to those with some manipulative therapy experience who wish to review and extend their skills.

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