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Post-graduate musculoskeletal courses
for physiotherapists

Neural Tissue Disorders - pragmatic assessment and management

Course Description
A two-day course for both newly graduated and established practitioners to further develop handling and clinical reasoning skills in neuromusculoskeletal assessment and treatment. Participants will receive practical exposure under supervision. There will be a focus on concepts of assessment rationale, treatment selection and progression within an evidence based framework.

Indicative Content

  • Clinical anatomy and biomechanics
  • Pathophysiology
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Using base neural provocation tests and progression to advanced assessment.
  • Nerve trunk palpation
  • Passive and active testing
  • Regional considerations
  • Selection and progression of treatment techniques.
  • Research findings for evidence informed practice
  • Case studies
This courses introduces physiotherapists with graduate level manual therapy competence to further assessment and treatment of neural tissue.

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